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International Society of Educational and Cultural Exchange Inc. Foundation

International Society of Educational and Cultural Exchange. Founded in 1983 as Cultural Internship and Youth Exchange and later reorganized into a non-profit foundation in 2009. International Society of Educational and Cultural Exchange, or ISECE, is a foundation focused on meaningful cultural exchange’s that place well trained, eager to learn university and high school students, on the doorsteps of new opportunities and valuable experiences.

ISECE hopes for these opportunities to play vital roles for these students in honing language communication skills and gaining international perspective’s around the world.
ISECE longs to strengthen relations within the international community by creating connections across borders through culture and education. ISECE works with universities, schools, organizations, students, government officials, among others, to reach its goals. It is through these partnerships that ISECE can grow and provide students with opportune programs. We hope that our program participants open new doors, create long lasting friendships, and spread each other’s cultural understandings. Through these opportunities, communication will strengthen, new concepts will be developed, and the international community will become stronger.

We believe that our young participants are the future of the world and that they will continue the growth of internationalism around the world.
Through great partnerships with leaders in the global community, ISECE can help connect the world.

We collaborate with organizations like the Japan Network for International Education, or JASFA, and Tokyo Association of International Kindergartens or, TAIP, to gain a variety of connections to other organizations with the same objective and goals as us. JAFSA also allows us access to over 300 Universities that gives us direct connections with today’s university students. We also collaborate with oversea organizations like Portland Public Schools or, PPS which allows us access to opportunities with immersion schools in America.

Through our human resource development programs and cross-cultural training programs, our hope is to contribute to world peace and the development of human resources.

 Board Members

 ・Chairman : Yoshio Ohno   ・Trustee : Mitsutoshi Okuda   ・Trustee : Shizuma Kouso   ・Auditor : Yoshihiro Takeuchi
 ・Councilor : Kouichi Iwata   ・Councilor : Shu Hayashida    ・Councilor : Shunta Mori     ・Exective Advisor : Tsutomu Yoshioka

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